Komarov, Vladimir

Signed classic Russian portrait

US $ 595.00 *

Gemini 4 EVA - Ed White

NASA 8x10 glossy - red serial

US $ 59.00 *

No image

US $ 0.00 *

Rutan, Burt

Signed "Time" magazine

US $ 99.00 *

Apollo 11 flown "Mag N" film acrylic

Contains flown to the moon film from magazine "N"

US $ 275.00 *

Race to the moon flown artifacts - large...

Contains flown artifacts from the US race to the moon

US $ 595.00 *

Armstrong, Neil

Uninscribed WSS signed 8x10 portrait

US $ 4,795.00 *

Ariane 5 + STS-126 FLOWN cover

Official limited presentation

US $ 275.00 *

Five flown US Space Shuttles artifacts acrylic

Contains artifacts from ALL flown Space Shuttles

US $ 195.00 *

V2 / A4 Peenemunde rocket graphite rudder...

Containing a vintage piece of a V2 rocket

US $ 49.00 *


Official presentation - numbered

US $ 795.00 *

Apollo 16 FLOWN to the moon metal ring...

Originally from the collection of John Young

US $ 129.00 *

Apollo 13 Moon

Vintage NASA 8x10 glossy - KODAK paper

US $ 79.00 *

Apollo 8 Moon

Vintage NASA 8x10 glossy - KODAK paper

US $ 129.00 *

Apollo 13 FLOWN lunar surface map handsigned...

Given by the crew to NASA mission planner George Colton

US $ 2,995.00 *

Yang, Liwei

Signed spacesuit portrait

US $ 129.00 *


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